Mississauga Monroe

Torontonians have long made fun of the sprawling Atlanta-like mess to the west, known as Mississauga. This vast suburb is one of the largest cities in Canada but never had a centre, unless you count a huge shopping mall. However, time and traffic have led to densification, and now that shopping centre is being ringed with tall towers. Soon an actual sidewalk might appear, you never know.

In any case, credit to Cityzen Development for running a design contest for their next tower. The wiunner has been announced, and it truly is a surprise. The selected design (by an obscure Chinese firm I can't even find on the net) is a true state-of-the-art condo, with all of the twists and turns made possible by modern construction.

The next challenge: Let's see how close the final product ends up looking like these renderings. Believe me, it is very difficult to get architecture and condos to work together. The desire for a bigger walk-in closet or better living room furniture arrangement can quickly destroy the architectural essence of a building through an endless series of small alterations. Will that happen here?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:31 PM  
Blogger Ambivalent_Maybe said...

You might be interested in this short video interview with the architect, from the Danwei blog

4:53 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

usually, building up detracts from energy on the ground. ie.. sidewalks. mississauga - like toronto to a certain extent - is shooting itself in the foot.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Michelle Linden said...

While I might agree that building up only helps add to urban detachment, there are some benefits of adding a recognizable structure to an otherwise unknown or unlikable city.

If done successfully, a project such as this can become an icon for the city, which in turn helps bring money into the city. This money, if used intelligently, can enhance to ground energy.

I don't agree that Mississauga is shooting itself in the foot. Its taking a chance... and like all big chances, things could work out really well, or really poorly.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Realrich Sjarief said...

The approach itself is to create a monumental building, so it doesn't have to do a lot of adjustment on the internal lay out in the beginning. I believe there is capital, prosperous future in a great design, and I like this design :) amazing, thumbs up

7:15 PM  
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Blogger paula said...

WOW. The design of this condo is amazing. To those who work there, they were very good.

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10:54 PM  
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WOW. The design of this condo is amazing. To those who work there, they were very good.

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Anonymous Pia@condo in Philippines said...

This is absolutely stunning! Thumbs up for those who make design for this.

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Anonymous Bryan E. Hall said...

"sprawling Atlanta-like mess " I have no idea what that even means, as Atlanta has by far, the best concentration of architecturally significant Skyscrapers and coordination of city design of any US city. Have you actually seen the Three distinct, amazing skylines of Atlanta, or simply viewed all three across a panarama?

10:48 PM  
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