Sorry for being away for so long. Renovating your own apartment (actual photo on right) can do that to a person. In any case, it was pleasing to see a few thoughtful comments upon my return, and I'm not talking about the bot-generated ones. I will try to be more regular about posting in the future.

To start with, some very surprising news about Alsop. This is being spun different ways, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. His work in Toronto is about to grow more numerous and it should be very interesting to see if he can transform into a condo starchitect. Toronto is certainly a good lab for that, with its many hordes of condos constantly popping out of the ground.

Speaking of condo starchitects, add another two to the list. Richard Rogers and Herzog / de Meuron just, as the Who liked to say, sold out. That said, their projects may be the best New York condo developments yet with big names attached.


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