Subway Spruce-Up

The TTC is well known for running a clean-but-dull subway, where the trains run on time but the visual environment is very 1960s bathroom. Most stations are tiled with something older than most riders, or at best some partial renovations. Many stations have sections of multiple types of tile from different renovations. It never looked great, but as long as it was clean it was tolerable. Can't blame a subway started in the 1940s for having low ceilings after all, and compared to New York (the stations it was modelled after) it was actually not bad at all.

Times change. New York has done a good job of fixing up its tired old stations (albeit in a faux-Victorian mosaic fashion, but what the hell, it looks great). You can see a good before-and-after here. Now Toronto has made the surprising announcement that they are going to begin sprucing up some of their own more bland stations. Osgoode, Museum and St. Patrick are legendary for their blahness, and now they are becoming rather exciting. A few mummies here, opera speakers there and you have some fun postmodern kitch. Go for it.

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Anonymous City said...

The improvement of New York City subway stations has been pretty significant. But it is disappointing to see renovated stations where water damage still hasn't been addressed; some newly renovated stations are already losing their gleams, i.e. Atlantic Avenue,DeKalb Avenue and Canal St..

Thanks for the great blog about urban planning and design. There's fascinating stuff here. I'm reading it as a New Yorker and a potential urban studies major at Bryn Mawr College.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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