Battle of the Transmission Towers

Chicago and Toronto have a lot in common these days. Both are crammed full of condos, and Toronto keeps looking to its big brother a couple lakes over for urban design guidance. (So far, no such luck, but at least they are trying.)

Chicago's proposed Calatrava Spire has already gotten a good deal of press, and now they are talking about a CN Tower clone that would rise 2,000 ft (compared to Toronto's 1815 ft).

The design is acceptable, although I would prefer a little more splay in the legs in order to appreciate their geometry. These kind of towers generally defy easy categorization, being driven more by functionality than any particular neo-idiom. The main problem with the proposed Chicago tower is that its form is not unique -- it can already be found in the white steel cell phone towers that I've seen around Toronto and no doubt other places. It's one thing to have an iconic, vaguely erotic, un-nameable needle on your waterfront, but a giant cell phone tower is not so cool. My prediction that this gets built: 50%. I think CN's record will hold out a little longer...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2000 feet, oh how cute! (sarcasm) 6000 feet sounds more like it. Hope you enjoy the link.

11:17 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic to the technological progression If you imagine people can build something like Babylon tower, 2000 feet.

we just have to be careful about what we are doing, is that worth it tho, every country compete to build tallest skyscraper. that will raise the question, do we need that ?

4:48 AM  

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