O Happy Day

I've waited a long, long time for this... a new large office tower for downtown Toronto. And even better, there may be more coming.

This site is just behind the excellent Simcoe Place tower and has been awaiting development ever since the construction of that Tower. There is already a PATH connnection planned.

This new tower is going to continue to shift the skyline to the west, something that was already happening with the CityPlace condos. The CN Tower was once well to the west of the downtown skyline -- now it looks well-integrated.

This is all being done without the kind of financial giveaways that are used in places like New York to entice commercial development. That's good, but I still think more should be done to incentivize large towers that will keep office jobs downtown, where they belong. Times are good; now is the time to build so that when the next downturn arrives firms won't flee to Mississagua.


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