Malmo-lous, Simply Malmo-lous

Get ready for a lot of press about Malmo, the formerly industrial city in Sweden that is trying to reinvent itself in a big way. A paradise for urban planners who love to play with waterfronts, they have done a great deal of work in creating an urban oasis in the last few years on what used to be docklands, fill, and a car factory.

The Guardian ran a nice article on Monday and there are also several Swedish sites with good photos. It all started with the original 2001 housing exhibition, which has since evolved into the uber-trendy Bo01 neighbourhood.

The onslaught of press will occur when Calatrava's spectacular Turning Torso opens. This is the building that will have an impact on every single condo tower in North America. I'm sure someone in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Miami, Chicago and San Diego is scheming a knockoff as I type this... Check out the developer's website.


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