A Quick Test

Wanting to post on MacDoug, I ended up registering for my own blog. This could be fun, if only my home PC equipment did not consist of:

  • One (1) 1996 Gateway Solo laptop with a Pentium I chip and 16 MB of RAM. I managed to cram Win98 on there, and still love the simplicity of the machine, but ever since the great hard disk failure of 1997 there is nothing of note on there.
  • One (1) 56k modem card on aforementioned laptop
  • One (1) sketchy sometimes-works dial-up number to Manhattan's last, and forgotten, free ISP, MetConnect.
  • One (1) Mac SE circa 1991 that was rescued from the street outside an elementary school. Loaded with goodies from The Underdogs.
  • One (1) 28k modem of uncertain make, that along with Mozilla 0.9 and previously mentioned free ISP allows one to recreate mid-nineties internet surfing experience.
Will struggle to overcome and update when possible!


Blogger MacDoug said...

When the hell are you going to spring for some modern hardware at home? A nice 12" Powerbook would look amazing and modern in your loft, or perhaps an iMac if you don't need portability. C'mon, pony up the dough and let's see some silicon from this century.

6:45 PM  
Blogger B and G said...

How about one of those $199 Walmart Linux Specials?

3:14 PM  

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